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Home Improvements to Make Before You Move into Your New Home

Home Improvements to Make Before You Move into Your New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting, however, there are a few improvements and changes that are best tackled before you start hauling all of your belongings in. Let’s take a look at the improvements best made before you move in.

1. Wall Fixes and Repainting – If you have holes to spackle and spots to retouch, this is best to tackle before you have belongings in the way. Also, if you plan to repaint any of the rooms, this is also a good thing to take care of before you move in. If you wait until after you move, you’ll find yourself moving boxes and furniture back and forth as you make room to paint a new coat on each wall.

2. Taking Care of Flooring – Whether you plan to deep clean the carpet or hardwood floors already present or intend to replace the flooring, all of these tasks are easier to take care of without stuff in the way.

3. Childproofing the Home – Did you know that accidental injuries are the leading cause of death in children ages 14 and younger? There are a few ways you can help minimize the risk of injury for your children in your new home. Of course, there are the normal childproofing measures such as safety plugs for power outlets and safety doorknobs and handles. Before you move in is also a good time to install hooks next to the window to wind cords for blinds around to keep them out of reach of children. You can also install your baby gates, particularly at the top and bottom of stairs. Safety experts recommend the style that mount into the wall for increased safety and stability.

4. Install Additional Storage – Planning to add cabinetry to the laundry room or to the entryway to create storage for shoes and coats? Installing additional storage wherever you plan to add it is much smoother and easier to do before you move in all of your belongings.

5. Caulking – Caulk around windows, cracks, crevices and other places that can let water or air (or critters) into your home. Start around the bathtubs, windows, doors, plumbing or lines going to the outside, crevices along gutters or spouts and anyplace else you find space where it shouldn’t be.

6. Change Alarm Batteries – Fresh batteries mean peace of mind. This is a much easier task to tackle before you move boxes and other items in as it usually involves climbing up a ladder in lots of tight places in your home.

7. Change the Locks – Between 30-50% of people don’t change the locks when they move into a new home. While the previous owner might not be a concern, you have no idea how many others have had copies of the keys to the home over the years and those people could have ulterior motives. For your family’s safety, be sure to change the locks before you move in.

Some updates and fixes are just easier to do when a home is empty. Once you start moving things in, you could find yourself moving furniture and boxes back and forth to accomplish many of the tasks on this list. Save yourself the headache and take care of these tasks before you move in so moving day can be just that much smoother.

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