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Top 7 Home Upgrades Millennial Buyers Love

Top 7 Home Upgrades Millennial Buyers Love

In early 2019, millennials comprised 42% of all new home loans. Needless to say, millennials are buying and in a big way. If you live in an area with a lot of millennial buyers, how do you entice them with your listing? By offering home upgrades they love! Here are 7 of the top upgrades millennials like to see in a home.


1. Smart Technology – Millennials have grown up with technology and therefore are drawn to homes that have smart home technologies already built in. Smart appliances, smart thermostats, smart security systems and smart doorbells are all hot with millennial buyers. These technologies are even better when they don’t require any kind of monthly subscription or service fees (beyond the cost of an internet connection).

2. USB Outlets – Smart phones, tablets and other devices are an everyday part of millennials’ lives. Having USB outlets in the kitchen, living room and bedrooms is a small upgrade that wins big with millennial buyers.

3. Home Office Space – Approximately 13 million Americans work from home at least part of the week. The highest percentage of which are millennial workers. Having a designated and staged home office space shows you understand this demographic and their needs.

4. Energy-Efficient Appliances – Eco-conscious millennials are all about conserving energy and saving money, especially if they are helping the planet while doing so.

5. Solar Panels – The technology-friendly and eco-conscious millennial buyer sees extra tech such as solar panels as a big bonus. Just make sure they have the latest technology and efficiency ratings.

6. Modern Design – Millennial buyers are about clean lines, sleek design and simplicity. Overly ornate, carved or decorated rooms, particularly the kitchen and bathroom are a major turn-off to these buyers. Keep it simple with clean lines and plenty of function and storage and your home is sure to be a hit with millennials.

7. Outdoor Living Space – Millennial buyers are big on outdoor space. They look for outdoor areas where pets will be comfortable and where they can have a firepit, outdoor kitchen, or other outdoor space to entertain guests and enjoy time outside.

With millennials comprising nearly half of new home loans, it pays to appeal to the millennial buyer. Clean and simple lines with the latest technology draws them in while home offices and outdoor living spaces show you understand their needs.

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