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Don’t Bother with these Home Upgrades for the Millennial Market

Don’t Bother with these Home Upgrades for the Millennial Market

If your listing is in a millennial market or area with a high number of millennial buyers, there are a number of home updates and upgrades that just aren’t worth the money you’d spend on them. Here are a few of the home features that millennials just aren’t interested in.


A Formal Dining Room

While many millennials have grown up with a formal dining room, they’ve also learned from the limited use it gets. Most millennials prefer a more laid back option like a breakfast nook and bar stools or an eat-in kitchen instead of a formal dining room, which they view as wasted space. If your house has a formal dining room, consider transforming that space into a home office or something more suitable for everyday use to impress the millennial buyer.


New Carpeting

Don’t waste your money on new carpeting. Instead opt for laminate, tile, hardwood or other hard-style floor and a rug. No nonsense millennials prefer solid-style flooring as it is easier to clean, pet-friendly and more practical than carpeting. So save the carpeting cash if you already have hard-style flooring. You won’t impress a millennial with carpet.


Trophy Room

Millennials aren’t a generation defined by stuff. A trophy room or memorabilia room is a turn-off to most millennial buyers who thrive on experiences and the digital side of life. To grab a millennial buyer’s attention, transform the room into a media room with large TV and digital entertainment.


Fixed Floor Plan

If you’re thinking of adding walls to an open floor plan to create more defined spaces and rooms… don’t. Millennial buyers love open floor plans with near limitless possibilities. They also enjoy spaces that bring everyone together in one large flowing space instead of separating them with walls.


Lush Dramatic Landscaping

Millennials are a busy crowd and value ease of maintenance over elaborate lush landscaping. The more energy and effort the landscaping takes to maintain, the less interested millennials will be. While curb appeal is great, just don’t go overboard on the landscaping or you risk turning them off instead of drawing them in. So, think easy to care for and maintain and let the buyer cultivate the landscape they feel comfortable working with.

If you are selling a home in a neighborhood crawling with millennial buyers, these are the home upgrades to avoid spending your reno budget on. They won’t resonate with the millennial crowd and could be a turn-off. This group of buyers values ease, flexibility, simplicity and fluidity.

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