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Neighborhood Spotlight: Murrells Inlet

Neighborhood Spotlight: Murrells Inlet

When you’re looking to buy a new home, it’s important to consider where you want your new home to be. Many communities in the Grand Strand have special features and unique vibes that make this choice a tough one. In this post, let’s take a closer look at Murrells Inlet and what this neighborhood has to offer.

Just as you enter Georgetown County on the southern part of the Grand Strand, you’ll enter the village of Murrells Inlet. Known as the Seafood Capital of South Carolina, Murrells Inlet was once inhabited by the Waccamaw and Winyah tribes and frequented by pirates, including the infamous pirate, Blackbeard. Today, Murrells Inlet is known for the Marshwalk, great food, entertainment and adventures for the outdoorsy types.

The Marshwalk

The most notable and famous feature in Murrells Inlet is the Marshwalk. The Marshwalk is a half-mile long wooden boardwalk overlooking the salt marshes on one side and peppered with excellent restaurants and entertainment on the other. Local favorites such as Dead Dog Saloon, Drunkin’ Jacks, Wicked Tuna, Hot Fish Club and other eateries offer up fresh seafood and live music for the crowds. The Marshwalk is also a great location for bird watching and observing wildlife such as dolphins who frequent the marshes. Of course, no mention of the Marshwalk would be complete without a nod to the feisty residents of Goat Island. Located along the Marshwalk near Drunkin’ Jacks, Goat Island is a local treasure inhabited by goats and frequented by local birds and other wildlife.


The Adventures

Murrells Inlet is a favorite among the adventurous types. The inlet and marshes offer excellent opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, paddle boarding and parasailing. Boaters and fishermen also find plenty to do in the Murrells Inlet area, with catches including local shrimp, fish, crab and oysters. The History


The History

Murrells Inlet is home to Brookgreen Gardens, Atalaya and Huntington State Park. All three locations offer visitors a look back in time to the history of the area complete with statues, gardens, ruins and a zoo featuring local wildlife.


If you and your family are the active and adventurous types, you’ll love everything Murrells Inlet has to offer. Between the swashbuckling historical places, live entertainment, top restaurants and plethora of water sports, you’ll never be bored living in Murrells Inlet.

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