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5 Things You Have to Leave Behind When Selling Your Home

5 Things You Have to Leave Behind When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is often nostalgic and bittersweet. You have lots of great memories in the home but will be moving on to a new place and making new memories. Before you’re tempted to take a few things to remember your old home by, check out our list of the 5 things you have to leave behind when you sell a home.


1. Landscaping – This might sound obvious if you’re thinking of trees and shrubs, however, there are other items that are part of the landscaping that you might not want to part with. A good example would be handmade or hand-decorated step stones in your footpath that you and your kids made together. No ripping out water features, special plants or sentimental items like stones in the footpath without clearing it with the new owner first.


2. Built-in items or attached items inside the home – Anything built-in, bolted down, attached or mounted inside the home stays with the home. If you’d have to damage walls or other structures in the house to take it with you, it needs to stay. This would include items like built-in bookcases, that custom kitchen island, the appliances and mounted/hardwired speaker or AV systems.


3. Anything present during the showing – This could include curtains, window blinds, light fixtures, chandeliers and even hanging mirrors and artwork. If the buyer sees it during a showing or in the listing photos, they can reasonably expect it to come with the home. Don’t take chances! If you love your curtains or cannot live without that swanky light fixture, remove and replace them prior to taking photos for the listing or allowing any showings. If you don’t want to part with it, take it out before you list.


4. Alarm systems – This is especially true of alarm systems that are hardwired to the electrical system in the home. If a security company monitors your alarm system, make sure to notify them of the sale and disconnect the service from your name so the new owners can take over smoothly–just like you would for other utility services.


5. Anything secured in the ground – This would include mailboxes, birdhouses, your kids’ swing set, basketball hoops, fire pits and similar features.


It’s a tough to part with things from your home that you love or have sentimental value. Take a good look at everything in your home and on the land surrounding your home. If you can’t bear to part with it, move it to an off-site location and replace it with something new before you have listing photos taken or allow any showings. If a buyer sees it, they can expect it or request it.

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