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6 Yard Activities and Games to Enjoy with Your Family

6 Yard Activities and Games to Enjoy with Your Family

When confined to your own yard, you can still keep your family active and prevent boredom. Make sure you and your kids get your outdoor exercise and sunshine with these fun outdoor yard games.

1. Giant Jenga – Use 2×4 blocks of wood to make a giant outdoor version of the classic game, Jenga.

2. Bean Bag Toss – Set up a ladder with a point value labeled with a piece of paper on each rung, starting with 10 points on the bottom rung and going up 10 more points for each rung up the ladder until you get to the top. Grab bean bags or similar items and toss them through the rungs of the ladder to earn points.

3. Water Balloon Dodgeball – Reinvent the old classic dodgeball by using water balloons instead. A fun twist on the classic and a great way to cool off on warm days.

4. Marble Toes – Fill a kiddie pool with water and dump a bunch of marbles in the bottom. Then have a race to see who can retrieve the most marbles and put them into a bowl using only their toes.

5. Glow in the Dark Lawn Bowling – Put glowsticks in 10 large bottles of water and set them up in the classic bowling pin configuration. Use a soccer ball or basketball as your bowling ball and bowl away.

6. Pool Noodle Target Practice – Pool noodles are good for much more than floating. Shape several pool noodles into circles and tape the ends together with duct tape. Create a set of targets using the pool noodle circles and tape them together with duct tape. Then use pool noodles or whatever you have handy to create a standing frame for your set of targets and duct tape your targets to the frame. You can use bean bags, full length pool noodles, water balloons or any other item you have handy to toss through the pool noodle targets you created to win points.

Social distancing during COVID-19 doesn’t mean you and your family can’t enjoy the sunshine in your yard with these fun yard games you can make DIY yourself out of materials and items you already have around the house or garage. Get some sun and have fun!

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