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7 Myrtle Beach Interior Design Trends for 2017

7 Myrtle Beach Interior Design Trends for 2017

We recently spoke to some local interior home experts about what they see as current design trends for 2016 and going into 2017.  Simon Phillips, owner of AHG Professional Painting and co-owner of the Cabinet Market in Myrtle Beach said, “Gray is the new white in your kitchen and bath designs.  We are seeing more and more people choose muted, soft gray tones in kitchen and bath wall color and cabinet choices.  It’s really a neutral backdrop for beautiful woods and metals that we see in interior design.”  Here are some other Myrtle Beach interior design trends to look for in 2017:

  1. Vintage Flea Market Finds— First time home-buyers and younger folks are scoping out yard sales and Craig’s list for vintage furniture pieces that can make old look new.

2. A Mix of Different Metals and Metallics– We have seen this trend on the runway in jewelry and make-up recently, and it is spilling over into interior design.  Not only is there a resurgence in silver and brushed nickel, but copper, gold, and brass are prevalent in design at this time.

3. New functionality– Hydraulic drawers and push button functionality in the kitchen is becoming a popular trend.

4. Black, White, Gray, and Muted Pastel Colors– In the 70’s it was avacado and tangerine… in the 80’s  it was turquoise and pink…the 90’s ushered in forest green and burgundy…the 2000’s brought us darker neutrals… and in 2017, look for lots of shades of gray, the classic black and white motif, as well as muted pastels.

5. Colorful SinksKohler is one company that is adding pops of color in kitchen and bath design, rather than just the standard porcelain white or stainless steel.  Now, you might see sink colors of green or sapphire for a splash of color.

6. Home Automation-– Almost every aspect of your home can now be made “Smart,” from your window shades, theater and sound, heating and air, alarm systems, lighting, and more.  Gone are the days of just your garage door opening with a tap of a button.

7. Natural Textures– Wood grains, glass, hemp, terracotta, brick, raw-cut quartz… We will continue to see the outdoors brought inside into modern design.



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