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Best Kitchen Upgrades for Your Buck – Part II

Best Kitchen Upgrades for Your Buck – Part II

Best Kitchen Upgrades to Add Value

While every homeowner could do stunning kitchen upgrades with a robust budget, many homeowners save for years to make modest updates. The good news is that there are a number of budget-friendly changes you can make that will add to your home value without breaking the bank!

Building Value with Attention to Detail

Repaint Your Cabinets

When working with a limited budget, it helps to turn your focus to the smaller details. There are plenty of updates that will add a sense of classic luxury to your kitchen without the luxury price tag. Don’t fret if you can’t knock down walls or add an island to your kitchen – the small details matter too!

New paint: This may seem like a no-brainer but when was the last time you thought about painting the walls in your kitchen? Many kitchens still have funky wallpaper or wall colors that haven’t been used since 1976. If your kitchen has wallpaper, you’ll want to remove it before you paint (there are great Do-It-Yourself tutorials online on how to do this easily). When choosing a color, choose something in a neutral color that is timeless and elegant. While you may love that neon orange, your future buyer may be completely turned off by eye-searing hues.

Add a backsplash: Adding a backsplash in a neutral palette that corresponds well with your newly painted walls adds a touch of modern elegance and updates the look and feel of your kitchen. There are so many options and price-points for backsplash materials available you should have no trouble finding something that you love that future buyers will be drawn to as well.

Update cabinet hardware: If the drawer pulls and handles on your cabinetry feel a bit outdated or are broken, investing in new cabinet hardware is a simple way to update the look and feel of your kitchen in a budget-friendly way.

Invest in new lighting: New light fixtures can do wonders for a kitchen and there are many cost-conscious options to choose from. If you don’t enjoy that buzzing blinking fluorescent lighting, chances are that future buyers won’t be attracted by it either. If the wiring is complex, you may need to invest in the services of an electrician to ensure proper installation – but it’s worth the cost to have it done right whenever you are dealing with electricity.

Consider your cabinets: If the finish on your cabinets is relatively good, there are a variety of wood conditioners and finish rejuvenation products available to bring back the richness and luster of your wood cabinetry. If the finish is poor but the structure of the cabinets is good, refacing them is a great option that is much more budget-friendly than replacing them entirely. Many people assume that if you cannot afford refacing or replacing, that painting the cabinets is the next best option. Painted cabinets can quickly looked dated and show wear and damage easily. Unless your cabinets were painted when you bought the home and re-painting them is truly your only cost-efficient option, it’s best to avoid painting cabinets.

The key to these budget-friendly updates for your kitchen is to do them well, with an eye to detail and choosing options that are classic and timeless. When you have a limited amount to spend, you want to maximize value and get the best bang for your renovation buck!

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