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Get Ready for Summer with Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Get Ready for Summer with Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Ah, summertime… won’t be long before  Myrtle Beach residents and tourists are relaxing at the beach, going to fun festivals, taking boat trips, entertaining in your new outdoor kitchen… WHAT? You don’t have an outdoor kitchen but you’ve always dreamed of having one? Maybe this year is the year to make your dream outdoor kitchen a reality! Why have a lonely little grill when you can have a whole outdoor kitchen for your summertime culinary creations and more room to entertain guests while adding value to your home?

Plan, plan, plan!
Your outdoor kitchen should be designed first and foremost for function and proper flow. Not sure how? There are several reputable companies in the Grand Strand who specialize in outdoor kitchens. You’ll also want to select appliances, counter materials, and cabinet materials that can stand up to all different kinds of weather – as well as the salt – in our area. Having an expert help you plan out the details from wet-cold-hot-dry zones to counter space required on each side of cooking areas will help you put together the best plan for your exciting new space!

Think outside the box – and the kitchen inside
An outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to consider options that are not possible in your indoor kitchen. Instead of just a grill, you might consider a smoker or wood fired pizza oven. Think of the two kitchens as a pair instead of duplicating what you have inside on the outside. Use your outdoor kitchen as an expansion of the indoor and a way to create more interesting and unique cooking options.

Now, that’s entertainment!
If you’re planning on doing plenty of entertaining in your outdoor kitchen (and you should be!) then you’ll want to consider not only the positioning of your kitchen. Should the cook face the guests or face away? You’ll also want to consider lighting, sound, and possibly even television for your guests. And don’t forget plenty of versatile and functional seating that stands up to all kinds of weather.

When done well, outdoor kitchens increase the value of your home as well as add value to your home life. This year, get ready for summer by building that outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of!

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