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Selling? Find A Great Real Estate Agent in Myrtle Beach

Selling? Find A Great Real Estate Agent in Myrtle Beach

Looking for a great real estate agent in Myrtle Beach?

If you’re ready to sell your home, you need a partner to help you get the best asking price and sell your home fast. However, you probably don’t want to base your decision about hiring a real estate agent on just those two factors. Nor do you just want to find the agent that offers the lowest commission on the deal. Instead, look for an agent that has your best interest in mind. It starts with knowing what to look for in your real estate agent.

Ask Lots of Questions

The single, most effective way to find the right real estate agent to help you sell your home is to ask a lot of questions. Ideally, you’ll want to interview at least three agents, but you can speak to more. Ask them any question that you might have about the process of listing and selling your home, but here are a few to get you started:

-What do you think I should list my home for?
-What’s your fee for selling my home?
-How will you market my home?
-How many other people are listing their homes with you right now?
-How much online marketing do you do?
-What are other homes that you’ve sold in my neighborhood? How much did those home list for? How much did they sell for?
-How many homes have you listed in the last year? How many homes have you sold?
-What recommendations do you have for me that will help you sell my home?

These questions are designed to help you understand how familiar the agent is with your neighborhood and home sales in your neighborhood. They also reveal information to you about how your agent will market your home, what they expect from you, and how successful your agent has been at selling homes in the past.

Do Your Own Homework

Another way to check out the agents you are considering is to do some online research. Google your agent or check out any reviews they may have on You can also ask the agent for references of people they have worked with in the past. Take the time to talk to these people or strike up conversations with reviewers online to learn the good, and the bad, of the experiences with your potential agent.

Also, find out if your agent will be both the buyer’s and the seller’s agent. Agents sometimes do this so they don’t have to split the commission of the sale with someone else. It doesn’t always work out in favor of the seller. If your agent intends to represent both sides of the sale, you might want to consider another agent.

There are many more ways to check the agents you’re considering out to make sure they’re good, but also make sure you’re comfortable you are with them. If you’re looking for the right agent, give Century 21 Broadhurst a call. We can to help you find the right agent to sell your home.

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