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Ready to List Your Home? Show Your Home Some Love First.

Ready to List Your Home? Show Your Home Some Love First.

Whether you plan to list your home this year or next decade, showing your home some extra attention keeps things looking fresh and well cared for both short term and long term. We’ve got a few suggestions on how you can give your house some lovin’ this February.

* Make it Sparkle! Most of us would agree that finding time for super-detailed deep cleaning on a regular basis is tough. Use this opportunity to focus on cleaning things that are often neglected like ceiling fans, light fixtures, staircase banisters and railings, corners where cobwebs collect, tops of furniture and appliances, and windows both inside and outside. And while you’re scrubbing that dingy tile grout with a toothbrush, go ahead and remove old caulking around sinks, tubs, toilets and showers. Fresh caulking in those areas makes them look clean and new while providing often overlooked upkeep.

* Love on the Outside! Caring for the exterior of your home and your surrounding landscape is just as important as the inside. Some sprucing up outdoors can make your home the most attractive on the block. Rent a pressure washer and blast built-up grime off the siding, not to mention the annual giant yellow pollen bomb that coats every surface each February. Wash down your driveway, sidewalk, walkways, stepping stones and other hard surfaces outside of your home. Collect and throw away debris from tree limbs, pine cones, pine needles and dead leaves. Repair cracked or broken stepping stones. Trim trees and shrubs and perhaps plant some flowers for a pop of color.

* Add some tender loving touches. Now that both the inside and the outside of your home are gleaming with love and attention, add a few tender loving touches for an extra dose of freshness. Toss those old worn throw pillows and replace with new brightly colored pillows. Choose a few accents in the same color to use in other rooms to create a pulled-together feel throughout the home. Instead of folding and stacking towels, neatly roll them, tie with quality ribbon and display them in a wicker basket. Get creative and choose something in each room to change up.

Showing your home some love this February gets your space spruced for spring. And if you plan on selling, your attention (to detail) will be noticed and appreciated during showings.  Looking to list your home?  Let Century 21 Broadhurst guide you through the process of listing your home for sale.

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