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Selling Your Home? Curb Appeal Don’ts

Selling Your Home?  Curb Appeal Don’ts

Like anyone who has ever been on a blind date can attest, first impressions are everything. When selling your home, your curb appeal is that first impression that determines whether buyers want to come inside and get to know your home a little better, or look away and drive on by. Here are just a few curb appeal “don’ts” that scare buyers away faster than garlic breath and parsley in your teeth.

DON’T be Trashy: Unless it happens to be trash pick-up day, keep the trash stashed away. Visible trash cans (even if empty), bags or boxes of trash, and other throwaways are a big turn off for potential buyers.

DON’T be Tacky: Funky lawn art, that hand-painted mural on the garage door and neon yellow trim around the windows may fit your personality, but to buyers it just comes off as tacky. Pack up the tack for your next home, and create a neutral invitation any buyer could imagine themselves enjoying long-term.

DON’T be Bland: Empty space with no visual interest or landscaping at all just looks bland to buyers. However, adding a few native shrubs or bushes and a colorful row of flowers is a simple way to go from bleak to chic.

DON’T be Overdone: A porch packed with furniture and decorations looks more like storage than a spot to relax at the end of a long day. Pack away all but a couple cozy pieces to keep the front porch simple instead of overdone.

DON’T be Unpolished: Visible unfinished home improvement projects, like that half re-tiled roof, give buyers the impression that the home needs work. Finish up home improvement projects before you list your home so buyers only see the polished final result.

DON’T be Mismatched: When the outside and the inside are a total mismatch, buyers may feel bewildered or even deceived. Make sure your curb appeal choices are consistent with the home’s interior for one attractive total package.

Curb appeal is your first impression to woo potential buyers into your home for a deeper look. In real estate and in dating, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Use these curb appeal “don’ts” to avoid making a first impression that sends buyers the wrong signals!

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