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September is National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month

Are you prepared for an emergency?  September is National Preparedness Month, and that means that you can make a difference in the lives of your family and in the lives of your community should an emergency situation arise.  We watch the news, and we scroll through our social media newsfeeds daily.  If there is one thing we know, an emergency situation can strike anywhere at anytime.  What are you doing to be actively prepared?  According to

“Individuals can make a difference in their own community but not everyone has bought into preparedness.  Research on personal preparedness indicates that individuals who believe they are prepared for disasters often are not as prepared as they think.  In addition, some admit they do not plan to prepare at all. 

The challenge: Maximizing awareness and encouraging participation in disaster preparedness activities to affect change at the community level.

Our nation’s emergency managers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMT/paramedics, and other emergency responders do an incredible job of keeping us safe, but they cannot do it alone. We must all embrace our personal responsibility to be prepared – in doing so; we contribute to the safety and security of our communities as well.

There are organizations in your community that host community-planning meetings, provide preparedness information and volunteer opportunities to community members and when in need, are available to respond to a disaster.  Organizations like Citizen Corps provide this support in communities nationwide.

The Citizen Corps effort is coordinated at the local level by Citizen Corps Councils or similar coordinating bodies, which bring together community leaders to plan for emergencies before they happen. The local leaders who serve on the Citizen Corps Councils should reflect all sectors of the whole community to ensure every stakeholder has a seat at the table. Citizen Corps Council members participate in developing community emergency plans, conduct localized outreach and education to the public, offer training and participation in exercises, encourage volunteerism, and in the event of a disaster, form an integral part of the response.

To find a local Citizen Corps Council near you:

For more information, visit:

If there’s not a Council near you, here’s how you can affect change in your community.

Getting Started

Help prepare your neighborhood by starting an emergency preparedness project that is designed to identify local hazards and work together to solve problems.

While no two projects will be the same, successful projects will share a few common practices. We encourage you to incorporate the following elements into your service project:

  • Identify local resources
  • Create a team with your friends and neighbors to share the effort
  • Set outcome-based goals and track your progress to those goals
  • Serve your community
  • Record, share and celebrate your successes together

For detailed information on starting a community preparedness project, review the Community Preparedness Toolkit on”

For more information in Horry County, you can go to and in the City of Myrtle Beach, visit  There is no resource more valuable than human life, and being a prepared member of your family and community for emergency and disaster situations can make all the difference in the world.

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