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Top 5 Overlooked Questions When Selling A Home

Top 5 Overlooked Questions When Selling A Home

When you decide to sell your home, there are 5 vital questions to ask yourself that many sellers often overlook. Be prepared by asking yourself these important questions to make sure you are ready and able to sell your home… before you list!

1. Can I afford to sell?
In many transactions, the seller covers agent commissions for both parties and additional closing costs. If you owe close to what your home is worth, will you make enough money in the transaction to cover those costs? If you are selling for less money than you owe, do you have funds set aside to cover commissions and closing costs? Do you have funds available for costs involved in preparing your house for listing, such as minor repairs, necessary upgrades, landscaping needs, staging and a pre-listing inspection? All of these factors are important to consider when you determine whether you can afford to sell your home.

2. Is hiring a home inspector necessary?
Technically, no. However, having a pre-listing home inspection means you find out about any problems or issues with the home before a buyer does. This allows you to fix any issues found in the inspection before you list the house. The inspection is the most common stage of the process where real estate deals fall through. While it’s not necessary to hire a home inspector, it is highly recommended to help ensure the rest of the sales process goes through smoothly.

3. What do I have to disclose?
Disclosure requirements vary by state and sometimes even by county or city. In most cases, you’ll need to disclose lead paint, mold, flooding, termites or other dangerous materials or conditions. Being open and disclosing as much as possible to the buyer about the condition and history of the home gives them the confidence that you’ve fixed the issues and the home is in good condition. Honesty is always the best policy.

4. Do I have to leave my __________ behind?
By law, anything that is attached or bolted to the walls or ceiling should be left with the home. This includes window treatments, pot racks, light fixtures and even wall-mounted TVs. If you don’t want to leave an item behind, remove it before you list the home. Even if it isn’t bolted or mounted, if a buyer sees it, they might request to keep it.

5. Which areas of the home are most important?
Surprise! The answer is not the kitchen or the bathroom. Experts say 80% of buyers know within seconds of entering the home whether it’s a possible fit for them. That means your entryway or foyer is far more important than you would have guessed. Make sure to keep these areas clean, clutterfree and inviting to entice the buyer to tour the rest of the home. Also more important than most people realize is the garage. Make sure the garage is clean, organized and even a fresh coat of paint will help.

How many of these crucial questions had you been overlooking? Selling your home is a big decision. Making sure you know everything you need to for a successful transaction is key. Your Century 21 Broadhurst agent is your go-to resource for all selling questions.

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