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Top 7 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Top 7 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Contrary to popular belief, selling your home during the winter can have some pretty big benefits. First, there are fewer homes on the market so your home has a better chance of standing out with buyers. Also, with lower inventory of homes for sale, there are more buyers competing for your home than when the market is more flush with listings. This can help you net a higher sales price than you might have gotten during another season. Here are 7 tips to help you make the most of selling your home in the winter.

1. Keep sidewalks and walkways maintained – Even though we rarely have snow in Myrtle Beach, we do have fallen leaves and wet wintery conditions often enough to gunk up walkways and sidewalks. Keep them clear to leave a clear pathway to your home. Make sure to provide an umbrella stand and rubber mat for wet shoes in your foyer as well.

2. Turn up the heat – Buyers want to feel warm and cozy when they visit your home, not chilly and cold. Bump up the heat a few degrees to keep the chill away and entice buyers to stay awhile and get comfortable.

3. Clean it up – Make sure everything is clean and sparkling. Clean windows, clean up cobwebs, scrub baseboards, polish floors and furniture, shine chrome fixtures and scrub mirrors to a streak-free gleam. Even recaulk around tubs, sinks and showers if needed. With the drearier days of winter, you want your home to stand out like a beacon of shine and light.

4. Avoid heavy scents – While you might love those cinnamon-scented pinecones during the Christmas season, they can be overpowering for many people. Be sensitive to scent. Also keep in mind that heavy scents can give the impression of covering up unpleasant odors.

5. Let in the light – Open curtains, drapes, shutters, shades and blinds to let as much natural light in as possible. Supplement natural light with plenty of warm glowing lamps inside. Light gives the impression of spaciousness and also helps buyers see the wonderful features of your home more easily.

6. Create a soundscape – Mute ringers on phones, turn off TVs and instead provide a soothing backdrop of soft music. Festive holiday tunes, soft jazz or classical music are good choices for a musical background. Just keep the volume low and soft so it is part of the experience of the home and not noxious noise.

7. Set the mood to cozy – Drape throw blankets over chair arms or ottomans, provide plenty of cushy throw pillows, set the table for two, put plush towels in the bathrooms and hang fluffy robes. Go through the home and add cozy touches to every space to make buyers feel welcome and cozy.

Selling your home in the winter doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. There are plenty of buyers out there looking for their next home. Follow these tips for selling your home in the winter and entice buyers to feel at home in your house.

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