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Buying a Myrtle Beach Home with a Backyard Pool: Pros and Cons

Buying a Myrtle Beach Home with a Backyard Pool: Pros and Cons

Backyard Pools in Myrtle Beach

When choosing your new home in Myrtle Beach, you have many options to consider. One option you may not be thinking of is whether you would like your new home to have a backyard pool. With 60 miles of beautiful beaches along the Grand Strand, large community pools and plenty of nearby water parks, a private pool may seem unnecessary. There are some very good reasons both for and against having your own pool in Myrtle Beach.

The Pros of Your Own PoolBackyard Pool | Myrtle Beach SC

If you haven’t considered choosing a home with a pool, you might be wondering what having your own pool offers that all of our beaches and water parks do not.

– Privacy: Your own backyard pool is one you don’t have to share with an entire community. If you prefer lounging poolside in solitude, you won’t find that option with community pools. From May through October, our beaches are also busy and packed with visitors you may not wish to deal with. Having your own pool offers you privacy that other options can’t. Better yet, you can go swimming whenever you like. Want to swim at 2 a.m.? With your own pool, you can.

– Exercise: Homeowners with their own private pool are more likely to use it for exercise activities than they would a community pool. If water-based exercise activities are something you enjoy, having your own private pool makes great sense.

– Usable Longer: Here in the south, the warmer year-round temperatures allow you to get more use of your pool throughout the year compared to homeowners in more northern areas. If your pool is heated, you’ll get near year-round use.

– Home Value: Provided the pool is well-maintained, a backyard pool may increase your home value when you are ready to sell. Not every buyer is looking for a private pool but the ones who are will pay more for that privacy and convenience.

The Cons of Your Own Pool

What’s not to love about having your own private pool? Unfortunately, there are a few downsides.

– Maintenance Expenses: Having a private pool means having to maintain a private pool. The costs of chemicals, supplies, repairs, electricity and water can quickly add up. It also includes a bit of time each day to check chemical levels and adjust as necessary – and time is money. Don’t forget regular cleaning and emptying of leaf traps and debris filters.

– Increased Liability: Having a pool means increased liability as a homeowner. Your homeowner’s insurance will be higher to cover the liability of the pool. You also have a responsibility to ensure you have protected the area from wandering neighborhood animals and children. This may include having a child-proof gate and fencing installed if it is not already present, as well as pool alarms and safety covers for the pool.

– Decreased Usable Lawn Space: In the Myrtle Beach area, having a private pool is often a trade-off for a usable lawn space. If you have dogs or children, the decrease of lawn space created by pool ownership may not be the best choice for your family.
The Myrtle Beach real estate market offers a plethora of options for home buyers. One option that many homebuyers may overlook is the convenience and privacy of their own backyard pool. However, a private pool is not for everyone. Knowing the pros and cons can help you decide if a pool is the right choice for you and your family.

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