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Fall Home Upkeep: 10 Tasks for Your Fall Home Maintenance List

Fall Home Upkeep: 10 Tasks for Your Fall Home Maintenance List

Regular upkeep and maintenance of your home is an essential part of home ownership. It keeps your home in great condition and also prevents wear and tear that could impact your home’s integrity or value. Here are 10 key tasks to make sure you have on your fall home maintenance to-do list.

1. Clean debris out of gutters – Built up debris in gutters can impede water flow and cause water to back up and eventually leak into your roof or attic. Clean out gutters at least once per season to ensure rain run-off can easily flow through gutters and away from your home.

2. Winterize outdoor plumbing – Drain faucets and sprinkler systems to avoid frozen or damaged pipes. Cover faucets and sprinkler heads with insulated covers to protect them from freezing temperatures.

3. Clean and store outdoor furniture – Clean down and store away outdoor furniture for the season. Cleaning it first makes it fresh and ready when spring comes and you’re ready to use it again.

4. Plant bulbs for springtime blooms – Fall is the time to plant bulbs for springtime flowers while the soil is cool and moist.

5. Fix cracks in driveway and sidewalks – Fixing cracks before the coldest weather hits prevents cracks from getting worse and helps eliminate tripping hazards, especially in sidewalks.

6. Have fireplace and chimney cleaned – A thorough cleaning will remove dangerous flammable debris from inside your chimney and inspect the flue to make sure all is working properly before you use it for the season.

7. Prep your furnace for colder weather – If you don’t already change your air filters regularly, do that first. Also make an appointment for a professional cleaning and maintenance appointment to ensure your furnace is primed and ready to keep you warm all season long.

8. Check and replace weatherstripping – Inspect weatherstripping and use the paper test by closing a piece of paper in the door and trying to pull it out. The paper should be difficult or impossible to pull out of the door without ripping. This is also a good time to recaulk around windows and door frames.

9. Replace batteries and test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors – Replace batteries even if the unit is not beeping for a replacement and make sure to test monthly as indicated on the alarm.

10. Clean windows and blinds to allow more natural light in. Also add lighting to dark corners by adding extra lamps. Replace any burnt out bulbs with new energy-efficient LED bulbs.

These 10 tasks are a must for your fall home upkeep and maintenance list. And some even help you get prepped for spring months ahead of time so the transition between seasons is simpler and easier.

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